Our Team is always at your disposal to help you 



Our Team is ready to help you


The strength of our company

Job and security

Job security is very important for us


here below our team members names:

  • Fabio Mereu - Adiministrator 
  • Margherita Casula - Commercial manager 
  • Raffaela Corda - International market manager
  • Raffaela Carrus -  Tour organization manager
  • Cristina Pianelli - Administration manager 
  • Gianfilippo Masserano - Vehicles manager 
  • Filippo Casula - Local office manager 
  • Alessandro OrrĂ¹ - Security manager 



Our staff is the strenght of our company and we feel a great admiration for them. We all work as a family.

We always try to keep our staff with us for all their working life. This is our famility, this is our philosophy. 


We try keep growing year after year to reach the maximum level satisfaction both for our customers and us. 


Our staff is the image of our company: helpful, kind, punctual and always choosing the best look for our services: weddings, Gala nights and also events in which our customers need us to dress more casual clothes or their own branded clothes. 


Our staff supplies:


  • -  Best Italian brands clothes
  • - Company mobile phone
  • - Company email
  • - Customizad business cards 
  • - Company credit card 
  • - Full time access to intranet company net
  • - Access Smart card for vehicle services 
  • - Continuous training and confrontation to understand where we need to improve ourselves.


We dedicate this space to our staff and we thank them for what they do for our company. 




On demand we offer you airport assistance for your customers receptio in all the main foreign languages. we also collaborate with professional tourist guides. 



BACKOFFICE in our operational offices 

We have four main sections:

  • - Commercial
  • - Administrative
  • - Vehicles 
  • - Security


Always at your disposal we help you  with your requests.


Images detail

  • Azienda Team
  • Azienda Team
  • Azienda Team
  • Azienda Team
  • Azienda Team
  • Azienda Team
  • Azienda Team
  • Azienda Team