Privacy, Safety and Environment

The main provisions of the transportation sector, our certifications. For years we pursue Europe and all born and regulations necessary for your peace of mind.

Certificates ISO 9001:2008

For many years we have been certified with the TuV to offer maximum quality

Driving time driver

All the curiosity on driving times to be met for a trip in safety and regulatory dedicated school transport


We want a future for us and our customers, every day we keep in mind the environment in all our actions


The procedures for drivers and vehicles


The safety of our customers and our employees is our company priority. Every day and in every action we take we reason always with safety in mind. By what means can we guarantee this?


  • - Rigid procedures and binding for each service
  • - Study of the itinerary and calculating driving times including rest, holidays according to the needs of the driver
  • - Years of work experience, depending on the size of the bus

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On employees

  • - Ongoing staff training
  • - Accurate medica examinations with doctor competent at D.Lgs.81/2008
  • - Alcohol and drug tests
  • - Appointment and training of those responsible for the internal security of workers
  • - Accurate control of the premises and vehicles and all workplaces
  • - Rigid rules of behavior

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On vehicles

  • - Low seniority vehicles
  • - Periodic inspections and accurate routine maintenance and repairs 
  • - Selection of certified mechanics workshops
  • - GPS control technology to ensure compliance with the rules
  • - Regular cleaning of  vehicles
  • - Downloading data of the digital tachograph
  • - Vehicles equipped with technologies dedicated to safety
  • - High ceilings insurance

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Respecting the environment is the most difficult part of our mission, we want a future in a world livable for us, for you and for future generations. Today we try to do our best and we know that is always short.

Among the activities we do there is research and the study of vehicles with alternative drives and are currently available vehicleswith the latest environmental regulations EURO 4 and 5.

For cleaning of the vehicles we use only biodegradable products and purchase management is one of our priorities always order products with a low energy consumption. All information activities (data center) are relocated to environments in the Cloud.

The bus is the main protagonist of a new concept of respect for the environment and our company look carefully and moves in the direction of environmental programs such as Active SMART MOVE









List of standards that are part of our daily lives, with much work and daily study, we respect the norms issued by the legislature.

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For many years we have been certified for the quality always with the desire to better serve you

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